Welcome to the Jane Carr Studio
About the Artist
Jane Carr is a painter of landscapes in egg tempera on panel. She paints the area where she lives on the Northwestern edge of the Catskill Mountains in Treadwell, NY. Carr uses the jewel-like quality of egg tempera color to catch the effects of light and atmosphere in the long hollows of the western Catskills, and is particularly interested in how landscapes are altered by farming, animals, buildings and weather. She often includes antique farm machinery, local buildings and animals in her paintings. She works from sketches, photographic reference and quick watercolor studies. Carr has been painting for over fifty years, and her first invitational show was in 1966 at the John Slade Ely House in New Haven CT.

Joomla! LogoJane Carr is a member of the Society of Tempera Painters, The Hamilton Street Club in Baltimore, The GNAF Society, The Cooperstown Art Association and the Upper Catskill Community Council of the Arts, and is an artist member of The Smithy Pioneer Gallery in Cooperstown.